Kilat 2plus1: Based off a popular 2plus1 this is our version, a revolutionary fin template blending thruster familiarity with a modified foil for an unparalleled surfing experience. Designed for normal shortboards and modern twin plus one boards, these fins offer the flow, speed, and release you love with a dynamic and responsive ride. The modified foil ensures optimal water flow, delivering unmatched control and maneuverability. Elevate your surf sessions with Kilat 2plus1 – where tradition meets innovation.

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- KILAT - Fcs2 IDR 1.400.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- KILAT - Futures IDR 1.400.000

Zero PBB X DLA twins. These are considered “Semi-keels” designed for old school twin fishes. Wide based, medium raked, solid state fibreglass for maximum stiffness. If your board is feeling lagging in the bends and turns these will add the spirit that was missing.

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- ZERO - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- ZERO - Futures IDR 1.200.000

Tikala Twins fiberglass material combined with a wide base and extra tall height gives this fin maximum drive, medium upright template, while the thinner tip results in easy release and spring off the top. This set performs great for lightweight surfers and pairs best with board designs featuring pulled in tails aka twinpins. Also you can combine a mini trailer for a 2 plus 1 set for any surfer in the medium weight range.

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- TIKALA - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- TIKALA - Futures IDR 1.200.000

Blackpink. We designed these fins for smaller ladybird surfers. Smaller base, smaller fin tip and foiled thiner. This whole combination makes these fins lively and easy to slide. Great for anyone in the 40kg range.

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- BlackPink - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- BlackPink - Futures IDR 1.200.000

A real easy keel for the any and all twinfin surfboaerds. The sort of fins you want if you want just one set to use between retro boards and twinpins. I reliable feeling fin with just enough rake for solid turns and sliding turns. Good drive and overall performance. Modern twins or the retro board. Keep the good times gliding with our Seaeye fins keels.

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Seaeye - Keels - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Seaeye - Keels - Futures IDR 1.200.000

This is one size fits all Power twin, we have tried them in all sorts of twin boards. From Mini twins to old retro rippers. These fins are fast, nimble and have just the about the dollar to fun value for a fin set, since they work great in all boards.

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Pasher - Keels - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Pasher - Keels - Futures IDR 1.200.000

These are the ultimate mini fin for the kids. Refined by the grom kids down at the local beachy here in Bali, Padma beach. They agree these do the trick and it shows. Letting the lil shredders have full command of their boards. Best for groms from 4 years old to 7. Depending on skill and weight.

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Padma - Fcs2 IDR 1.000.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Padma - Futures IDR 1.000.000

These 80s skate influenced 2+1 fins are made for full tilt shredding. Use them in a fish or short board. The uprite design of driving fins will pivot you into the lip like telepothy. We use a medium mini trailer fin to hold it all together. Hit the lip, surf tight in the pocket. These fins are the funnest and for sure are our best selling template. Small, medium and large. Centre mini fin combo from xs, s, m and L. Come in and we will help you get the best fit for you and your wave sled.

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Wave - Daggers - Fcs2 IDR 1.400.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Wave - Daggers - Futures IDR 1.400.000

Power based keels, moved slightly forward of the box for ultimate drive. Tame any loose feeling twinnies with this set of keels! Power and Drive! Best suited for bigger humans 75kg and up. Add these to your fin quiver…

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Kaptin - Keels - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Kaptin - Keels - Futures IDR 1.200.000

Power Twins Yellow trees, Moderate sweep (rake), full tip and longer base delivers incredible drive and speed.This template maintains its speed and offers easy manoeuvrability with that epic looseness off the top and through turns.

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Power-Twin - Fcs2 IDR 1.400.000
PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB- Power-Twin - Futures IDR 1.400.000

Semi keels/2+1, Modern twins and 2+1 board riders in Small, Medium, and Large size. Best for modern perormace twin pins or Narrow tailed twins and New school vibed 2+1 boards like the Ci-Rocket Wide match like cream and sugar.

PBB-MikeWoo-Fcs2 Available in S, M and L PBB - Mike Woo - Fcs2 IDR 1.400.000
PBB-MikeWoo-Futures Available in S, M, and L PBB - Mike Woo - Futures IDR 1.400.000

Our new Palmbaybali V3 template is the cheater fin for all beginner to intermediate surfers. These fins have unique deep inside foil that is perfect for people who are learning to gain speed and do big turns. We shaped these fins as a semi pivot fin, we want our customers to be able to reach the lip with maximum speed and little effort, after one year in development we achieved our goals. These fins are great for less than perfect days, small gutless surf to just over head wedges. We highly recommend these to anyone who is looking to progress to the next surfing level!

PBB-V3-fcs-2 PBB - V3 - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-V3-futures PBB - V3 - Futures IDR 1.200.000

PBB-TWN2.0, we love the playful versatility of our original PBB-TWN 2+1 Twin sets. However some of us wanted a stiffer version for more radical surfing in better waves, so we added the bamboo cores and carbon-fiber and bam it works! Plus it looks so sick! Power and beauty!

PBB- twinfin carbon bamboo fcs-2 PBB - Twinfin - Carbon Bamboo - Fcs2 IDR 1.400.000
PBB- twinfin carbon bamboo futures PBB - Twinfin - Carbon Bamboo - Futures IDR 1.400.000

The Zephyr keels, a modern twist on an old school fin design, we have a single concave on the inside of the fin from the base to the tip. This gives the fin loads of lift and speed! Vacuum moulded with composite cores to make the fins more flexible and lighter. This is the most progressive twin fin and we can't get off them!

PBB- ZEPHYR fcs-2 PBB - Zephyr - Fcs2 IDR 1.400.000
PBB- ZEPHYR futures PBB - Zephyr - Futures IDR 1.400.000

Our Twinny plus mini tri fin sets are a must have in any surfers fin quiver. These are just fun! Turn bad surf into fun surfs. Put them in any board in any surf conditions and enjoy the glide, Good for all level surfers

PBB-Twin Fins - Fcs1 PBB - Twin Fins - Black - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-Twin Fins - Fcs1 PBB - Twin Fins - Black - Futures IDR 1.200.000
PBB-Twin Fins - futures PBB - Twin Fins - Futures | SOLD OUT! IDR 1.200.000

New Arrival PBB +432 we have the most versatile fin set ever produced. The Galaxy 432 template, a quad set that reduces to 2+1 and again to Twin fin. This set is a fun but much more aggressive template, our own special blend for surfing better on all your surfing crafts

PBB-Twin Fins - futures PBB - +432 - Rainbrow - Fcs2 IDR 1.400.000
PBB-Twin Fins - Fcs1 PBB - +432 - Rainbrow - Futures IDR 1.400.000
PBB-Twin Fins - Fcs2 PBB - +432 - Galaxy - Fcs2 IDR 1.400.000
PBB-Twin Fins - Fcs2 PBB - +432 - Galaxy - Futures IDR 1.400.000

The FT fin is our newest template, an upright fin with a good amount of sweep allowing for tight turns in the pocket and good amount of pivot helping you reach the lip with ease. The base of the fins are wide for increased drive and set back 1mm keep them very lively in feeling. The centre fin is slightly smaller than the side fins, this allows you to control the turn and slide the fins on a suggestion. Use these fins in a standard short board from 2-6ft surf.

PBB-FT fcs-2 PBB- FT - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-FT-futures PBB- FT - Futures IDR 1.200.000

PBB-AM1 and AM2 with 4K-CA Carbon Accelerator Line. As you may know the AM1 and AM2 templates are the all time best selling and best performance fin templates ever. We wanted a stiffer lighter version of these popular fins, so we went back to the drawing board and added the 4K-CA and turned on the machine! For the person who doesn't want to mess around and just wants to surf one fin template for every day surfing this is the fin you want! Medium and Large!

PBB-CARBON fcs-2 Available in AM1 / AM2 PBB - Carbon White - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-CARBON futures Available in AM1 / AM2 PBB - Carbon White - Futures IDR 1.200.000
PBB-CARBON futures Available in AM1 / AM2 PBB - Carbon Black -Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-CARBON futures Available in AM1 / AM2 PBB - Carbon Black -Futures IDR 1.200.000
PBB-01-Fcs2 SOLD OUT! PBB - 01 Black - Fcs2 IDR 1.000.000
PBB-01-Futures Available in AM1 PBB - 01 Black - Futures IDR 1.000.000
PBB-02-Fcs2 SOLD OUT! PBB - 01 Blue - Fcs2 IDR 1.000.000
PBB-02-Futures AVAILABLE IN AM2 PBB - 01 Blue - Futures IDR 1.000.000

AM-1 and AM-2 templates have been the most popular templates for 35+ years and for good reason too. Perfect balance of rake and foil. You will find these templates in almost every pro surfers fin quiver. A must have for any and everyone!

PBB-03-Fcs2 Available in AM1 / AM2 PBB - 03 Black - Fcs2 IDR 1.000.000
PBB-03-Futures Available in AM1 / AM2 PBB - 03 Black - Futures IDR 1.000.000
PBB-03-Fcs2/blue Available in AM1 / AM2 PBB - 03 Blue - Fcs2 IDR 1.000.000
PBB-03-Futures Available in AM1 / AM2 PBB - 03 Blue - Futures IDR 1.000.000

Our Master Fins has a dynamic flex pattern offering bursts of speed. Ideal for power surfers who like to snap hard off the top and carve long roundhouse cutbacks, this fin provides maximum drive.

PBB-Master Fins - Fcs2 Available in Medium/Large PBB - Master Fins - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-Master Fins - Futures Available in Medium/Large PBB - Master Fins - Futures IDR 1.200.000
PBB-Master Fins - Futures Available in Medium PBB - Master Fins TEAM - Fcs2 IDR 1.200.000
PBB-Master Fins - Futures Available in Medium PBB - Master Fins TEAM - Futures IDR 1.200.000

Our JJF-Jalan Jalan Fin, is very similar to the John John Fin. We found the Original JJF to be a bit to stiff for most everyday surfers. So we modified it a few times with the help of our Ambassadors and made a more humanized version of the progressive template. Great for Step-up surfboards or for surfing fast powerful surf! When its pumping this is the fin!

PBB-JJF fcs-2 PBB - JJF - Fcs2 1.200.000
PBB-JJF futures PBB - JJF - Futures 1.200.000

PBB-4.0 Special Blend Quads, When we set out to make a quad set we wanted to make a versatile fin set. Our customers and crew asked for endless speed for big hollow waves plus they wanted them glide and be playful for the more mellow days of surf. The Special Blend quads give all you need for surfing every wave! Speed and flow. This is an awesome fin design!

PBB-QUADS-Fcs1 PBB - QUADS - Fcs1 (preorder) 1.200.000
PBB-QUADS-Fcs2 PBB - QUADS - Fcs2 1.200.000
PBB-QUADS-Futures PBB - QUADS - Futures 1.200.000
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