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My name is Iren, I was born in a small town in Russia, more than 3000km away from the nearest ocean. When I was a kid. I saw surfing in a movie and for me it was like going to Mars (something absolutely impossible) But at the age of 17 I moved to Moscow to study physics and math in university, that's when I started to travel and my life has changed since then. Possibilities were everywhere. I was lucky to spend a week in Hawaii where I tried surfing and I was immediately hooked. In 2011 I moved to Bali to be able to surf everyday

I was so impressed with that ocean that I wanted to figure out how surf really works (tides, swells, different boards and fins design). I dig into the physics of the waves and history of surfing, eagerly consumiing everything that is related to my new passion. At the same time I've revealed my other passion (writting). I had a lot of questions about surfing and nature and as I was getting the answers, I wanted to share my knowledge to explain it with simple words so everyone who was born far from the ocean like me would understand. Eventually, I've made an educational website where I share my knowledge.

Here in Bali, I was blessed to meet the man who changed my life again.He was born in Siberia, even more remote part of Russia. He's a videographer (professional snowboarder and now a surfer). Together we started to travel much more, making videos and trying to inspire others with our lifestyles and philosophy. Nothing looks impossible anymore.

palmbaybali beachbags

Ryan is a legend for such a young man, we have known him for many years, he is humble, handsome, young family man, with a big heart who just happens to be very talented on a surfboard! If you see Ryan in the water you will be pleased to be surfing with him, he has great style and power. You wont see him trying to catch every wave and will often reach out to strangers learning to surf to give them key tips on how to properly surf. Ryan is a real guru of surfing and a great ambassador, we are proud to have him as our team leader at Palmbaybali.

palmbaybali beachbags

Darma Putra / Tonjo aka the River Ghost Tonjo is the happiest, funnest, purest, surfer in Bali. With likeness of Mason Ho. Tonjo was born and raised in the Kuta Padma scene. The school of Padma has been a blessing for this surf scholar. All the legends of surfing come to Padma. From the great late Andy Irons to Johnny Uluwatu to current CT champs! Tonjo has adopted all the best qualities of his predecessors! A true Balinese surf ambassador. A legend in and out of the ocean. We are happy to have him flying our flag as he embodies what Palmbaybali is all about. Surfing, having fun, being positive and enjoying life to the fullest!

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